NES2020 has been cancelled due to difficult circumstances.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see you in the future. 

Dear friends and colleges.

Thank you for showing interest in NES2020 and for your patience in this difficult time. The Norwegian Society for Ergonomics and Human Factors has been looking forward to host the first digital version of the long lasting series of NES conferences.

Unfortunately, this will not happen. On behalf of the Norwegian organizing committee, we are extremely sorry to inform you that the digital conference NES2020 is cancelled. We are regretfully aware of the inconvenience this creates, but circumstances outside of our control have made it difficult, and eventually impossible, to plan and arrange a conference that holds satisfactory quality.

We hope that this cancellation will not cause you too much trouble, and hope that we will be able to see you at a Nordic conference in the future.